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The Regenesis of Your Soul

Designed as a world class well-being temple perfectly devoted to your senses, Geos Spa welcomes you with pure wellness and signature treatments that lead to a journey of self-discovery to uncover your blissful inner glow. 

We’re open 10:00am – 8:00pm daily

Nothing But Wellbeing

At Geos’ holistic spa rituals, you can rest, reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with the bountiful gifts of your mind, soul, body and energy. 

Slow the effects of time, eliminate stress and restore a lifelong sense of comfort by the guidance of our therapists, each unfolds a world of exclusive treatments tailored to your needs. 

Sky Above, Earth Below, Peace Within


Immerse yourself in the magical hands of our experienced massage therapists and get ready for the best well-being experience you have ever had. Rejuvenate yourself with various massage rituals and therapies that will appeal to your ears with light music, your nose with a pleasant fragrance and all your muscles with healthy strokes. 

Whether its tonic, therapeutic, relaxing or targeted; our massage menu is carefully adapted to every need and invites you to a holistic world of body wellness 

An Unforgettable Turkish Ritual


Open yourself to new experiences that will take you on a new spiritual journey.

The Turkish Hammam, where you will find yourself in a magical world as soon as you enter it, will breathe vitality into your body and health into your soul with the timeless magic of breathtaking marble, impressive light beams and the tune of perfectly hot&pure water flowing from the fountains. 

Brace yourself for the most special and unique body rituals and bathing experiences inherited from ancient times

The Essence Of Revitalization


A significant visit to our special sauna is the perfect way to boost your cardiovascular health and a wonderful therapy for detoxification, pain reduction, stress management and relaxation

Cool Down & Chill-Out


After a tiring workout or a warm spa session, simply grab a handful of ice flakes to boost your blood circulation, tone your skin, relax your muscles and awaken your senses.

Warm Indulgence


Let your body wake up, your cells rejuvenate and your soul breathe… Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the arms of a soothing and pleasant warmth… When you open your eyes, you will be a completely different person… Fresh, renewed and perfectly relaxed.



G-Sports&Club is not an average fitness facility. It offers a luxurious fitness experience where you can work out and relax, all in a fantastic space built just for you… The G-Sports&Fitness is equipped with the latest strength and cardiovascular devices from TechnoGym, a world leader sports equipment provider. 

In the light-flooded and well-organized fitness area, you will train on the new generation exercise wizards with integrated TV and internet access 

Located on the ground level, G-Sports&Club presents a full-scale fitness service with different options for physical and personalized training sessions 

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