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The Private Club



Genesis Exclusive is a philosophy of hospitality characterized by unlimited personalized service to its guests.

According to this philosophy, everyone who has visited the Genesis Alaçatı is a distinctive member of the Genesis Exclusive Private Club.

From the moment they pass from the magnificent doors of the Genesis, our valued guests enter a world of unlimited customer service and experience surprising adventures along the way to all desires, requirements, activities and even dreams that are attainable, elusive or unattainable. The exquisite privilege of Genesis Exclusive leads to a unique lodging experience and incredible memories to share…

Breakfast on a luxury boat or an adventurous helicopter ride, a special grooming ritual or the best seat in a beach lodge… A summer breeze on a surfboard, an evening in a limousine, a surprise to be made, the next step to take, a melody to hear, a flower to smell, a meal to taste, a candle to blow out… To be up in the sky or down in the sea, and everything need to get learned!

None of it is impossible!

The Genesis Exclusive Club is a world of wonders and possibilities that, through its professional experts who have touched the spirit of the region, will immediately respond to all your requests to make your dreams come true…

Welcome to the Club!