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A Mediterranean Harmony
Under The Open Sky

The essence of Mediterranea comes to life at Genesis Alaçatı, where the gusto for finest details, local amenities and modern touches come together in an exclusive atmosphere.

Combining the modern and the retro, the resort’s architecture and interior design reflect the characteristics of the local Alaçatı elements, embracing the contemporary Western accents and timeless Eastern influences.


One Extraordinary Spot &
Five Different Sense To Experience It

The Architecture

A luxurious, sophisticated and classy gem behind a magnificent door! 

All the details of Genesis bear the signature of a perfect refinement. The resort reflects and protects the traditional architectural structure of Alaçatı and is proud to have used 320 year old ‘Alaçatı Stones’ for the exterior design as one of the most important details of the region. In every corner, you will find the hints of contemporary luxury combined with the oriental heritage 

Set in its own shaded courtyard, the main building spread across three floors and offers several privileges, including exquisite open spaces, private pools, landscaped gardens, fully equipped spa and fitness area, fine dining lounge, spectacular fountains, and an extraordinary infinity pool that reflects the splendor and gleam of the Alaçatı starry sky. 

Enchanting Rooms & Suites To Experience
The City in An Intensely Private Manner

In the spacious rooms and suites of Genesis, you will find the elements of a unique decorative masterpiece. The palatial, secluded guest maisons feature their own outdoor space, private pools, special nuances of comfort, a peaceful ambiance and plenty of daylight. 

The one and only ‘Villa Palazzo’ is designed for guests who wish to enjoy privacy in bespoke luxury. 

Finally, Villa Sunset, which has all kinds of facilities that correspond to the comfort of your home, for a larger and more spacious urban experience. 

The Design

Every detail of Genesis is impeccably designed to offer its guests luxury, sensuality, and white-glove service 

The capacious interiors with fascinating high ceilings, decorative wall effects, imperial windows with their refined glazing, the murmur of the fountains and the fresh scent of the vegetation, room settings with bespoke furniture and accessories, bronze and marble accents, exclusive materials and fine fabrics in pastel earth tones and natural shades which become synonymous with the signature design of Genesis style, all combine to create a luminous atmosphere 

Reaching to the Stars

The master infinity pool is designed to operate both in summer and winter, thanks to its heating system and special retractable roof design. This unique pool,

specially equipped with 380 fiber optic starlight systems, offers its guests the experience of swimming in a sea of stars, creating a magical nighttime ambiance


Listen To The Sound Of
Bliss In Pure Silence

An Invitation To
Escape The Everyday Life

Being in the heart of the city, you will not hear the hustle and bustle of the city, thanks to multiple sound barriers placed between the wall layers creating a completely soundproof area that keeps out any kind of extra noise generated inside and outside the building. 

In Genesis, what you hear might be the sound of a water drop, the rustle of a leaf, the timbre of the west wind and a chandelier swaying around… A beautiful song or the voice of a loved one… 


Discover The Richness,
With Your Sense Of Touch…

Explore The Treasures

The finest characters of Genesis design pay homage to the best local and international decorative arts, from luxurious fabrics to rich textures, unique accessories and handcrafted objects. 

Touch and feel the soul of the antique Alaçatı stone, nicely polished marble and extravagant bronze details, as well as woodwork and glass art, lush furnishings and spectacular elements. 

Touch the details and be touched by the beauty of the Genesis décor 


The Smell Of Paradise

Details that appeal to your soul

Alaçatı is all about smells… The smell of the sea, the smell of Imbat breeze, the smell of lemon and olive trees, the smell of mastic, the smell of jasmine,bougainvillea,and the nature… 

The signature fragrance of Genesis expresses all the fresh, clean and pure scents that represent the Alaçatı region from the past to the present. 

Moreover, Genesis promises its guests a 100% hygienic and safe environment at all times, thanks to the state-of-the-art air purification and air conditioning systems that surround the entire building. 

As soon as you enter the resort, smell the wonderful fragrance, take a deep breath and enjoy! 


Welcome to the Chef’s Table

G-Lounge & G-Bar

From breakfast to late dinner, our cuisine consists of creative and customized recipes prepared with fresh ingredients from ” garden to the table”. The menu showcases both Asian and European influences, with a tempting selection of unique flavors of Alaçatı, which carry the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine, are a pure inspiration for our chefs on their way to cook for perfection. 

Not only can you dine in our lounge and bar, but you can also enjoy daily culinary experiences in your own suite or terrace, tailored to your dietary preferences…